Shay G- The Wandering Tortoise

"Andrew has been a great legal and business advisor; helping us establish a thriving business, advising on a variety of issues and continuing to provide service and support to help our business grow.  He is flexible and cost effective; exactly what our business needs." 

Fred S.- Transtyle Transportation

"Andrew has helped my business from a legal and operational perspective. He helped us understand regulations, communicate the rules to our employees and allowed us to operate compliantly and successfully.   He had a great understanding of our specific needs and constantly delivered."

Denise K- JAK Construction

"Andrew is a trusted advisor that has not only helped our business in a time of need but has become a trusted advisor for our family as well.  Andrew is flexible, responsive and understands there multiple things to consider when solving complex problems ."

Brian A- QLED Lighting

 Andrew is more motivated by the "Art of the Deal" than most attorneys we've worked with. His thinking outside the box strategies have positioned us for a favorable outcome in a case that had virtually no value until we hired him. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Andrew W- PMG, LLC

"A.P BOORSE  is a true solutions partner for my business; they have enabled me to save time, money and resources, allowing me to focus on growing my business instead of being stuck in the minutiae "

Jeffrey R -AEESW

"A.P Boorse is a trusted business advisor.  Andrew is flexible, responsive and takes the time to understand the needs of my business.  I will continue to trust A.P Boorse for all of my advising needs."