Legal Counsel

Legal Solutions for small and mid sized businesses.  Featuring Predictive Packages and In House Counsel Services at a fraction of the cost of a full time General Counsel or traditional attorney hourly bills; we also provide traditional billing options to meet all of your business needs. 

Human Resources Management

Providing our Clients with Managed Human Resources Solutions to reduce cost and improve efficiency.  We provide everything an on site Human Resources Department provides but with reduced costs and Licensed advice in the area of Human Resources and Employment Law. 

Regulatory Compliance

A.P Boorse PLLC Regulatory Compliance packages provides cost effective solutions to ensure your business is operating in Compliance with numerous State and Federal regulations.  We offer in person training, employee manuals, audit services and even regulator interfacing.

Strategic Planning

A.P Boorse PLLC provides Strategic Planning Sessions to drive culture, change and overall organizational success. We will work with you and your team to plan for the future.

Branding & Marketing

Packaged solutions to help your business drive revenue and brand awareness.  A.P Boorse will also work with you and your team on marketing strategy and marketplace evaluations.

Operational Process Improvement

Utilizing LEAN methodologies and outside perspective, A.P Boorse Process Improvement packages allows for increased efficiency and improved bottom line. 


Bar & Resturant

From Specialty Beer, Tap Room & Wine Shops, to Traditional Restaurants, and even Food Trucks; A.P Boorse PLLC has advised and helped numerous food and beverage companies on many daily and large scale issues that are unique to the F&B industry. 


Whether your business transports people or pineapples, A.P Boorse PLLC has extensive experience solving a bevy of issues for transportation clients including but not limited to DOT regulatory issues, employment issues and contractual matters. 

Tech & E-Commerce

Apps, Online marketplaces and everything in between; A.P Boorse PLLC understands the unique trademark, copyright, licensing or patent issues that come from operating a Tech or E-commerce company.  A.P Boorse has extensive contraction experience. 

Service Industries

If your business provides hospitality or other services A.P Boorse will keep you protected and operating at optimal efficiency.   From Doctors to cleaning services to tow truck businesses and even unique concierge businesses; A.P Boorse can help. 


With extensive experience in manufacturing operations, A.P Boorse can help with business operations as well as insuring your business stays compliant with state and federal regulations including  Osha, EPA and Hazardous Materials. 


From small specialized general contractors, to roofers and even large scale industrial projects; A.P Boorse has the experience to help your construction or assembly business avoid liability, stay protected and contract successfully.