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Starting And Running A Small Business In Maricopa County, AZ

Chandler, AZ -Businesses of all sizes need legal guidance at some point and attorneys can actually add value to small businesses because beginning your business properly can help avoid problems and headaches down the road. Protect your business and yourself by getting experienced and trusted advice from a legal professional.  Following are a few basic instances where businesses benefit from hiring an attorney.

Business Structure – a lawyer can assist you in correctly establishing your new business, or making changes to your existing business structure is important for legal issues relating to government compliance, taxes and growth.  Corporation, Not for Profit, LLC, S Corporation, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, etc.  Take the time to find the right strategy for you and your business.

Company Products and Services –  an attorney can help you to protect your company intellectual property and assist with non-compete agreements for certain employees or contractors.

Employment Law – establishing employment policies and procedures for hiring. training. counseling and termination is an essential area for you to obtain legal guidance.  Properly navigating government oversight with respect to state and federal statutes for unemployment compensation, workers compensation, sexual harassment, etc.  is important.

Internet/Electronic Device Considerations – legal assistance will reduce your risks and liabilities with respect to the internet for your company website, facebook page, twitter account and others by crafting the proper privacy statements, waivers and liability protection.  Reducing your risks with respect to proper customer and employee contact and use of electronic communications is a challenging and ever changing legal matter.

In General – rent and real estate agreements and transactions can be confusing and overwhelming tasks to handle on your own, especially when you are overseeing day to day business operations.  Personal legal paperwork and matters such as wills, trusts and probate also take your valuable time.

The legal firm of A.P. BOORSE PLLC, located in Chandler, AZ is prepared to give you the trusted and experienced legal advice and guidance that you need to accomplish your business and personal goals.  Protect yourself and your business today – use a professional attorney.  A.P. BOORSE PLLC, serves the needs of businesses and individuals in Maricopa County – from Gilbert to Cave Creek and everything in between.

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