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Hiring a Lawyer for your Phoenix Area Small Business

If you are a business owner, there will come a time when you need the services of a lawyer.  It makes more sense to develop a relationship with an attorney that you trust, connect with, and who will help you and your business grow, BEFORE you find yourself in the middle of a real legal crisis.  Begin your attorney search when you need council for GENERAL matters because it will give you the opportunity to access lawyers in a low stress situation.  Andrew P. Boorse is a Chandler Attorney specializing in Small Business legal services.

General Matters for Legal Guidance

Organizational Structure – how to establish your business, i.e., S Corporation, LLC, Not for  Profit, etc.  Also includes proper registration with state and federal I.D. numbers for  taxes and transactions.

Contracts – creation and review of documents with vendors, landlords, customers and  employees.

Risk Management & Insurance – assistance with risk assessments for liability and review of  policies, exclusions and addendums.

Real Estate – negotiations, transactional paperwork, easements, and leases can become very complex, depending on the other parties involved.

Internet, Social Media and Technology – privacy statements, terms of use, employee use   matters, data collection issues, and capture of financial information.

Intellectual Property – lawyers can assist with copyright and trademark protection with company products and creative property.

Employment Law – help with establishing or reviewing proper hiring and employment policies     can be provided by small business attorneys.  Additionally, an attorney can provide council to help avoid workers compensation problems and state and local EEOC matters.

How to Evaluate an Attorney

Experience – finding a lawyer who has worked in and with businesses is a critical factor in choosing an attorney for your own business.

Interpersonal Skills – look for the basics; great eye contact, active listening skills, uninterrupted attention, a firm hand shake, and a personality that suits you and your business.

Communication – consider the attorney’s initial response to your call, the timeliness of completing requests and subsequent follow up encounters, especially keeping you  informed of progress with a project.

Firm Size – decide if you are more comfortable dealing directly with an attorney –probably a smaller firm, or accepting of working through a staff of paralegals and secretaries.



Andrew P. Boorse understands small businesses, and has first-hand experience dealing with the spectrum of challenges and needs facing small businesses.   Attorney Boorse is dedicated to providing legal services to the Phoenix Metro Small Business Community.





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