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Growing Legal Considerations Facing Small Businesses in the Phoenix Metro Area

Small Businesses across the country face increasing legal challenges because of quickly and ever transforming economic and technical environments.  Owners and operators have a growing slate of issues to consider and decisions to make so that risks are reduced and eliminated.

The Internet and Social Media present new and special concerns with customers and competitors involving privacy, content propriety, copy-write infringements, communications, and reputation matters.  This topic also involves issues relative to employees and their use of social media sites, email, cell phones and computers.

Employment claims of all kinds are on the rise and even many long established small businesses find themselves in the position to respond to such charges for the first time.  Some of these charges include libel, workers compensation, sexual and age discrimination, wrongful termination and race discrimination.

Privacy and Security matters with customer information and computer data pose additional challenges to businesses in that passwords and security information must be constantly monitored.  Privacy matters involving employees is also a growing legal issue especially with respect to drug use and divulgence of health conditions.

Andrew P. Boorse, Attorney at Law with small business experience can assist small businesses with all of these pertinent legal matters, and more.


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