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At Your Service AttorneyToday’s hectic life pace calls for a new law practice paradigm including swift and convenient service.  A. P. Boorse, PLLC, was founded to provide this advanced level of customer focus and affordable legal representation for individuals and businesses in Arizona.  You will find an attorney “at your service”  – in attitude and practice;  a lawyer who comes to you, according to your schedule.  You will find a high level of personal service from our team of professionals and a commitment to effective resolution of all of your legal concerns.



Small business operators especially, are finding today’s legal landscape increasingly difficult to successfully navigate, and A.P. BOORSE PLLC, recognizes this and can assist you and your organization.  Our firm offers essential services to an under-served and vitally important sector of the American economy—Small Businesses.

Whether you are an established business, sole proprietor or considering starting a new business; we strive to bring the same high level of determination, commitment, tenacity and ownership to your business as you do, and will aggressively advocate on behalf of you and your organization.

Select A.P. BOORSE PLLC, as your for-hire, general counsel and you will find a firm able to adapt to your business growth and provide trusted guidance in an ever changing legal world.  Best of all—you will receive service where you need it and when you need it.

Let our team of professionals assist you with the legal side of business –on your schedule, so you can focus on the vital operations and growth of your organization.


Business Formation

Government Compliance

Corporate Governance

Business Operations

Liability Defense

Employee Matters

The need for legal assistance and guidance has become quite common for average Americans.  Contracts and agreements, probate, wills, pre-nuptial arrangements and real estate transactions are just a few examples of usual circumstances requiring an attorney.  A.P. BOORSE, PLLC, provides efficient assistance with all of these personal legal matters with a high level of individual attention—on your schedule.

In addition, you may also find yourself in a more precarious position and requiring defense or initiating a cause of action against another party.  Whether   defending an Arizona DUI, personal defamation,  sexual harassment or collections matters, A.P. Boorse PLLC, will act on your behalf, at your convenience, with swift tenacity.

In determining the best course of action for you, we will take the time to carefully assess your position, including rights, costs and feelings.  The result is a remedy that satisfies your goals for the situation with the best efficiency.




Contracts and Negotiations

Arizona DUI and MVD Defense

Real Estate and Transactional

Personal & Professional Liability

Other Civil Matters